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The Champagne Drops released their debut album, Side By Side,

on April 16th, 2021.

This album of mostly original songs (plus one delightful cover) explores femininity and womanhood with unabashed vulnerability, humor, and honesty. It is passed notes and sleepovers, whispered daydreams and belly laughs, walking side by side with a best friend.

Visit our bandcamp to learn more and purchade the album!

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About The Champagne Drops

The Champagne Drops is comprised of Minneapolis singer/actresses Emily Dussault and Leslie Vincent. 

They perform jazz, pop, and folk covers, as well as original songs written together on their ukuleles. The Champagne Drops started as two good friends who wanted to sing jazz at holiday parties, and it has grown into a creative and joyful partnership ready to perform and compose for any occasion. Their live performances brim with effervescent banter, inventive arrangements, and sparkling vocals.

The Champagne Drops are currently booking shows, parties, and private events.


We have different packages available at different price levels, and are more than happy to work with clients on creating the perfect fit. Use the contact form below to let us know what you are looking for.

We don't need an excuse to celebrate, but we'll take one!

"The Champagne Drops are absolute perfection. They are extremely talented and loved by all ages of audience members. You won't be able to find a better duo in the Twin Cities."

- Lizzie Rainville, Lakeshore Players 

"It was a complete joy to have The Champagne Drops perform at our townhouse association's holiday gathering. Their voices harmonized wonderfully and their song selection was perfect for the holiday season."

- The Meadows at Elm Creek Townhouse Association
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

I Am a Rich Pie

A few months ago, we saw this poem written by a 3rd grader being shared around the Internet. And, like the rest of the internet, we loved it. So much so that we decided to put it to music! The actual identity of the poet remains a mystery, but we are grateful to them, whoever they are, for their beautiful words. Women, you are all rich pies, strong with knowledge. 

Thanks to Ryan Lear and Brant Miller for putting our first music video together!

Here's the link to the poem we fell in love with:

While we sing songs from many different genres, we definitely have a soft spot for jazz standards and old classics. Here is one of our favorite duets to perform.

We can tailor our set list to fit what you are looking for; just send us a note below!

Side By Side

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